Case Study: Red Deer Polytechnic 

Investing in AM 2.0: Next-generation manufacturing solutions like DLP benefit students and industry


Looking to expand the size of the industrial polymer solutions it could offer, Red Deer Polytechnic installed an ETEC Xtreme 8K in 2022 at it's Center for Innovation in Manufacturing facility. As the largest production-grade DLP 3D printer on the market, the top-down DLP system met the production needs of industrial projects.

“Access to higher productivity, different materials, and especially the size was the interesting part of DLP technology on the Xtreme 8K.”
Tonya Wolfe, PhD, P.Eng, Associate Vice President of Applied Research

In this case study learn how Red Deer Polytechnic's investment in advanced technologies enables them to meet the needs of their students and local businesses.


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